What’s my top retail marketing tip? Get video testimonials.

Ask customers to do a video testimonial for you. They are far more credible than written. If you can’t get video and only have written testimonials, ask the customer for a headshot and a link to their website or social media to prove that they’re real. Testimonials with no proof the person is real might as well come from Som Dum Ho from Fu Ling Yu, China or Dewey Cheatem from Liarsville, USA.

What makes for a convincing testimonial?

Ideally, the person should introduce themselves stating their full name and where they’re from.

Then they should state:

1. Their situation or the problem they had

2. How they came across the product and used it

3. The results they got and over what period

4. Perhaps a word of encouragement to prospective clients/customers

For example: “My name is Ky Trang Ho, a freelance writer from Los Angeles. I couldn’t sit still while working at my desk and hence I was very unproductive. I have restless leg syndrome and feel very fidgety all of the time. Then I saw Scott Ertl¬†pitching Bouncy Bands¬†on ‘Shark Tank’ and took a leap of faith. I was very skeptical because they’re marketed at children. I was embarrassed about using a kid’s product.

“Bouncy Bands let me exercise my legs while sitting at my desk by peddling my feet against the bands strapped across the front legs of my desk. After using Bouncy Bands for a week, my productivity dramatically increased. I went from working at my desk for a half hour straight to one hour straight. Bouncy Bands provided an outlet for my nervous energy and fidgeting.

“I highly recommend Bouncy Bands to anyone with ADHD or restless leg syndrome like me. If they don’t work for you, you can always get a full refund.”