Here’s a talk I gave to a media class at Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles in March 2019 about my 10 must-dos for freelancing and personal branding regardless of your industry. Thank you, Professor Delia Maldonaldo and her delightful students for having me. I am sorry, if the sound and video quality is poor, it was recorded with my Google Pixel 3XL.

  1. Thou shalt join a professional organization
  2. Thou shalt get a mentor
  3. Thou shalt network
  4. Thou shalt be a niche expert
  5. Thou shalt brand yourself
  6. Thou shalt create a mission, vision and values statement
  7. Thou shalt always do your best
  8. Thou shalt sharpen the saw e.g. continually learn
  9. Thou shalt ask for payment upfront
  10. Thou shalt not compare yourself to others

Link to slides: